2019 - ongoing (predicted to 2020)

MBA - Big Data

IGTI - Instituto de Gestão e Tecnologia da Informação

1998 - 2002

Bachelor in Information Systems

UNESP - Universidade Estadual Paulista, Campus Bauru

1994 - 1996

Technical Habilitation in Eletronics

UNESP - Colégio Técnico Industrial


Studying since 1994 and working since 2000 with Information Technology. I have acquired experience in software development, networking security and infrastructure management, as well as project management. I like to define my experience based on two categories: managerial and technical.


    • Product/Project management (versioning, requirement analysis, scope definition and project scheduling / timeline definition).
    • Team management.


    • Oracle development (Forms, Reports, PL/SQL, Apex and Forms/PJC).
    • Genexus development.
    • Linux development (C, Perl, Shell Script and Java).
    • Desktop/Windows development (C#, VB.Net and Java).
    • Web development (Back-end: PHP. Front-End: HTML5, Javascript and CSS).
    • Web development with frameworks (Laravel, Bootstrap, AngularJS 2,4 and 5 and JQuery).
    • ZPL (printer) development.
    • Mobile development: Android and Windows CE.
    • Databases: MySQL and PostgreSQL.
    • Servers management: Linux, FreeBSD and Windows.
    • Network administration: Routers (cisco), firewalls, proxy servers, DNS servers, VPN.

Work Experience

2008 - present

Technical skills: PL/SQL, Oracle Forms, Java, PHP, C#, VB.Net, Oracle and MySQL databases.

Key Achievements: Worked in several areas of the company in charge of systems like Product (Life-cycle) Management, Sales Force, Warehouse Management Systems, E-commerce (B2C and B2B). In all of these systems I acted as a Systems Analyst (managing the project) and also as a developer.

May 2006, June 2007, and July 2008

Teacher at SENAC Bauru

Activities: Administering the PHP and XHTML Course

2003 - 2008

Technical coordinator of the Data-center at Lecom S.A.

Technical skills: Advanced network management skills, Linux and Windows servers, Linux development (C), Web development (back-end) with PHP, ASP, and Java.

Key Achievements: Product management idealization, creating/developing a web-based product for network administration (firewall and user access control and reporting and auditing), coordinator of the area of networking infrastructure and security in charge of the data-center including more than 20 servers with an SLA of 99%.


Project coordinator and developer for Linux platform at MS Tech

Activities: Creation of concept products for prototype devices.

2000 - 2001

Developer and network administrator at TravelNet Internet Service Provider (currently Travelnet is Lecom S.A.).

Activities: Management of Linux, Windows and FreeBSD servers. Router (Cisco) administration. Website development (ASP and PHP).

Languages Spoken

Portuguese (native/fluent).

English (Level A2/CEFRL)